A Journey that was complete
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A Journey that was complete

A strong body with an oppressed soul
Struggling to know life’s goal
Had a difficult time among bid boulders
More so because of his burdened shoulders
His favorite words were ‘I’ and ‘Me’
Evil surrounded him as far as he could see
One day he wished to see some light
In the evil darkness something bright:

He turned here and he turned there
He stumbled now and then
His soul was stressed and full of fear
But his fear left him when:

He saw something really bright
He stood in awe: too mystified
It was the end of his exile
And on his face there was a smile
He yearned to reach that shining light

A step and two
And that was it.

He died on the way
But, his journey was complete!

He had already done his best
And that is what counts leaving the rest
His life became a fruitful one
He accepted slavery of none but One

He had reached the promised place
Where there was beauty and grace
He had sought Allah’s pleasure
And has certainly had got it!

(Written on 31.7.1997)

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