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Khandar – The Kashmiri Wedding – Kupwara

A few years back I had the honour of being invited to a wedding feast in Kupwara. To me a chance to visit the countryside in Kashmir is always something I look forward to – not only does it pristine unmatched beauty thrill me, the simplicity of its people, the sweet smile of the kids who grow up away from the ‘city-life’ makes me feel like this is the real Kashmir. Kashmir away from the ugly influences that makes us act like someone else. Continue reading

31. March 2012 by gw2021
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Khandar the Kashmiri Wedding – Part 3

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) For those of you who have visited my blog before, you might have already read a little something about the Kashmiri Wedding here. While preparation of food (see Khandar the Kashmiri Wedding)  is … Continue reading

14. May 2011 by gw2021
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Khandar – The Kashmiri Wedding

Kashmiri weddings are elaborate affairs… from the match making process to the actual ‘function’ which lasts for many days. There are rituals lasting for days… there is singing and the tumbakhnaer….And of course there is food food and food. I … Continue reading

23. May 2007 by gw2021
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