I am back!

Well this isn’t the first time I have written I am back, or as I read a tweet from Rubban, BRB – my brb didn’t quite become a brb all this while. Where have I been? I have been hibernating…and that’s the closest I can get to explaining my absence.

I have been here.. online most of the time but still not writing. My train of thoughts that are so sakooterish went hidden somewhere.. and I just couldn’t get myself to write. I guess there have been too many changes that life has brought. And seriously, its good to be back.Β  I haven’t rummaged at my key board like this for ages.

First of all aplogies to my dear readers. I do understand many of them just gave up on me. I was about to give up on myself but I shall not. Thats my ninja way.. (sidethought: I have been watching too much naruto lately).

Anyhow, the reason I disappeared was – actually there is no one reason. There are many reasons. I got married, have a beautiful son now Alhamdulillah.. and there have been too many things going on in my mind – from the BIG reason that we live our life as we do to actually reaching that purpose. (Oh that is another of the headache’s I’ve been having.)

Other than that, on a professional end, I started off with a design studio and am working hard to do good work for my clients.

I havent had time to do good photography except some rare opportunities that I make most of. I haven’t been reading (other than all that technical stuff.. #&$^#&$(*).

πŸ™‚ Seriously, it feels good to be back! Alhamdulillah! and I hope this time I continue and don’t fall back…

The long pause.

Its been a long time since I posted … Been busy with things.. and more importantly thinking and rethinking things.. πŸ™‚

Its Ramadan and I havent wished my readers Ramadan Mubarak, so here I am


Hope you all are blessed this Ramadan.

InshaAllah I will write again… soon.. inshaAllah.

The blogger of this blog has paused, needs some overhauling that sakooters do at times.. but will be back writing and writing and writing.. inshaAllah..

In the meanwhile, while you all are busy with reading Quran, Solat, and doing all the good deeds with an extra Ramadan fervor, remember me in your Duas.

And more importantly, make dua for the Muslims around the globe, including your Kashmiri brethren.

Ramadan Kareem once again.

One million Du’aa campaign

One million Du’aa campaign

Let’s put our hands together and give one day for our Islamic nation (Ummah)

Dear Brothers & Sisters

If you really care about the Muslims’ Blood in Iraq , Palestine and
every where else so please contribute with us in the International
day for supporting the Muslims

The participation is very easy as follow:

Fasting Monday 2nd of July 2007 (For those
who can fast).

Du’aa after each prayer in that day and especially at the time of
Eftar. The Duaa is to ask Allah to unify Muslim Um’ah ,and to save
Muslims’ blood.

Participating in telling the other brothers and sister about this

Dearest brothers and sisters

Please be positive and participate in this day. We are around 1.3
billion Muslim , can not we find one million whom will fast and make
Du’aa. May Allah accept one of them.

Send this letter and participate in that day.

Translate this letter to the language you now and send it to all
Muslims .

Be one of the Million Muslims on that day.

Got this in an email. And why not…. lets ask the Almighty to help us out.
Nasrun min Allahi wa fathun qareeb.

A dash of flash :)

Will be playing with flash. And will share the little dash of flash with you from now on.

Till now I just have two little things up

What I do.

Will be adding more.

If you have any specific idea that you’d wish to see in flash, get in touch. πŸ™‚ let me see if I can work on it.

BTW, I have added a few more themes (for your phone) to the download section. Check them and download if you like them. Ofcourse, everything is FREE! πŸ™‚