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Or that is what they think!

With an intense hatred I stare at the convoys, the army vehicles, the armed men who think they own the roads and shove us about and around as per thier wishes.

A shrill whistle
a uniformed man standing on top of the army truck and waving his hand… (implying give space or else…)
armed men stopping traffic as and when they wish,
to make way for those who think they own this place.

Like cattle we stop when told, and move where we are told to.
It is not the king we make way for
we make way for these foreigners who have come here on the pretext of safegaruding us.

And all people like me can do
is stare
stare with an intense hatred
and feel helpless
while we wait for the armed men to signal and say move.

this is life in kashmir.

6 replies on “Baap ki sadak hay… (the road belongs to their father…)”

  1. oh yes! we have to kneel at our so called sustainers.. the traffic man is helpless.. all he does is count d number of trucks..
    and finally wn the lashing dust settles all we c is chaos. . cars, autos, horns (and the cows and dogs and horses)
    and yeah nowadays the flyover crossing is a treat for the eyes..

  2. We once had a gun pointed at us for not getting into the left lane to make way for the honking military vehicle behind us. The left lane was itself jammed with no space to move in, but it seemed that the military personal pointing the gun wanted us to jump over the other cars to make way for them.

    And God he was furious!

  3. Sigh…I pray this would never happen in Malaysia, Asma…Why are you in that part of the world when you could be here, only you know the reason…And I love you for that! 😉

  4. Kashmiri life is full of contradictions.
    Security forces causing insecurity is one of the major ones.

    For those who think “mera bharat mahaan”… this is how things are down here!

    I wish I would realise the reason of why I am here. Pray for me.
    Boleh kan?

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