Bad Scarf (hijab) Day…

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People have a bad hair day when their hair just refuses to behave within the normal and decides that it has a mind of its own. This can be very frustrating especially when you are getting late…

People who cover their hair with a head scarf (part of hijab)- the muslim women generally – suffer from what can be called as ‘bad scarf day’ – the day when the scarf just refuses to behave. The scarf seems to have a mind of its own. Either the hair would decide that it wont cooperate with the scarf and you’d be busy forcing in the tiny bits that show, or worse still your scarf could decide that it has had enough of your (wo)man-handling it.

The various ways the scarf would make your day turn into a bad scarf day are:
– The crease issue. You’d see that thin line that decides that it wont stay straight on your head. This causes the scarf to have a mountain, ridge and decide to make itself into a model of the urals or the himalayas …
– The pinup problem. Your scarf just refuses to be pinned up right in the beginning. Now this can be bad… really annoying. However, there is something that be even worse. When you want to take off that scarf – the pin gets stuck in it. You struggle with it, and it struggles with you. Generally, the scarf or your clothing, or the pin or all three of these are martyred in the process.

– The style issue. A lot of women would want their scarfs to be tied up in various styles that the identify themselves with. If you think “what?” Well, just as tying up hair can be a matter of 2 mins to 2 hours, so can the scarf. And the more complex the scarf style, the more complex would be the problems associated with it – if you happen to be stuck with one of those bad scarf days…

Have you had a bad scarf day? 🙂 Tell us….

PS: You might want to read this. The article would tell you a thing or two about the different types of hijabs and how to wear them.. 🙂

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  1. Bad hijab day usually happens when you are getting late, or you want to make sure ( like if you are going to a party ) that it stays put and stays perfect longer.

    I guess square scarfs give more of this problem. The rectangular ones are usually easier, the only issue with them being that they sometimes make you look like “thool”.

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