Doubled and troubled – Dimensions…

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It is one of the most thought provoking statements that I have heard lately.. and obviously I cant help but comment on it.

They say, that they (as in ‘unn’ with loads of tameez) said that the Kashmir problem has TWO dimensions. It must take someone who is a genius indeed to come up with a an actual analysis of a problem so complex and with so many dimensions that it looks more like a blob without dimensions to people (less than genius) like me.

Well if you haven’t heard it till now, its about time that you also get to know… oh yes. the Kashmir problem…. (even the word problem is problematic to use in this reference)… has two dimensions as per the Prime Minister of the Indian state.
1. Internal
2. External

Internal could mean anything from a ‘zara sa’ stomach ache coz of eating peanuts to a malignant tumor. While the external could range from a slight increase in temperature to a tsunami. Anyways, the extent of the dimension was not elaborated on.

Anyways.. with all that annoyance vent out…we read about sincere intentions and desires…

”It is our intention and sincere desire to advance on both fronts towards resolving the problems through a process of dialogue,” Dr Singh said in his opening remarks at the third roundtable on Kashmir convened by him.

2 decades of pain and we are still only trying to identify the dimensions to the problem (and that too not to the satisfaction of commoners like me)… so much to speak of intentions…