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Hot could mean so many things. Sometimes very pleasant (think of the hot chutneys and the hot pepper and the hot peri-peri sause) and sometimes very unpleasant and suffocating..

and its so very hot in Srinagar these days.
very abnormal.
Very abnormal for May to have temperatures going this high.

This year has been weird. The abnormal winter where we all waited for snow. The the spring came and was bombarded with snow like we never expected. Snow over and we are in the midst of a flood. The flood dries up and we are in summer. The summer is weird too with hailstorms which decide to ruin the crops and the rain that decides not to fall.

Abnormal has become normal.
Maybe that’s why people say things are normal in Kashmir.

Like everything else which has become (abnormally) normal, so has the weather.