Kashmir on protest…

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The whole of Kashmir is protesting.

And this time round it isnt ‘azadi’ in its specific socio-political context that Kashmiris are asking for, but it ranges from things like polluted roads to getting jobs.

Suddenly there seems to be a surge in the number of demonstrations that are done daily. The electropathy graduates (some branch of medicine) ask for jobs, school children ask for roads to be fixed coz of the pollution..

The forms are varied – hunger strikes (where some decide to burn themselves), boot-polish strike, where doctors/professionals seeking jobs etc, polish shoes of the people on the road, rayda kapda sale, where professional sell clothes on a make-shift portable shop (that is the closest i can get to describing a rayda).
Another very innovative protest was a group of people carrying an empty coffin to symbolise the death/apathy of the system.

The cutest I saw yesterday on TV was school children protesting against pollution due to trucks and bad roads….

The slogans remain the same…
“Naarai takbeer.. Allahoakbar…
apna haq hum laykar rahayngay..”

Kashmiris keep on protesting… is anyone listening?

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  1. really kashmiri’s keep on protesting..Finally when someone tries to hear their voices ..they are deviated ..will pray…soon those innocent
    voices atleast to be heard !!

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