Kill Rushdie.

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Killing Rushdie is something that should have been done a long time back. Simple as that. He will die when he has to die. He can go and shoot himself and it would be perfect.

But Rushdie doesn’t bother me. He is a pathetic blob of protoplasm that should just evaporate from this planet.

What bothers me is the height of patheticness that entitles Rushdie to knighthood — and that too for Satanic verses – a book filled with filth. A book where everyone is abused and has no literary value.

Pathetic indeed. I am disgusted. The Queen of England has a gross taste in books. Yuck!

4 replies on “Kill Rushdie.”

  1. Sakooter, I am not surprised to see this post. In your exalted opinion disagreement and calumny are enough justifications for execution. Hello, we left seventh century a thousand years back, didn’t we? Long live nizam-e-mustafa!

  2. Certainly you’d be surprised.
    If Rushdie would call your mother all these names, I wonder if you’d think it ok to let it pass as mere disagreement and calumny.
    (Sorry for having to use an example like this, but it was essential to get the message across. Mothers are God’s most wonderful creation and deserve utmost love and respect).

  3. No, you do not have to be sorry to use this example. To be honest, if he called names to my mother, I would detest him. But I would definitely not want him to be hanged for this. No amount of slander is enough to justify killing.

  4. everyones so serious on this blog…. i hope you don’t mind this comment.i have known you for many years now and im glad i met you in Saturday school… you are a gods gift to me, may you always shine…

    i love you… and wish you were back here in m’sia

    ps: i hate rushdie too

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