4 replies on “Link to SakooterSpeaks!”

  1. Salaamalayik. mm have been thinking of doing so. well, will gladly do so now 🙂 ..

    ahlanwasahlan over to my place. oh but its just a simple one, no flash or anything exceptional like what they hav here 😉 al-hamdu lillah mabrouk to you.. yea, ive just barely ‘moved in’. still got a lot of ‘renovating’ to do..but my house warming is never-ending, continuous from day to day, mm so if you do decide to come for a visit, needn’t bring anything expensive, some words of wisdom and advice wud do.. hehe 😀


  2. Oh dear! Waalikumassalam!
    You give me more credit than is due to me. Thanks for your support.

    Keep reading, and keep sharing the tale of this part of the Ummah who have been suffering for a long long time…

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