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I never thought it would come to this. I have been closing the windows and even suffocating myself in this heat just to make sure that the rats that I have heard of don’t walk in. Yes it’s a pigeon infested area, with rats running around happily. I saw one outside our bedroom window once and I never left the window open.

And here I was, walking into the kitchen to get my glass of water before I go to sleep and I had a feeling that there was someone – something – behind me. I switch on the lights – and eeeeek! a rat – or maybe a mouse – but it was ratty indeed — quickly made its way out from the exhaust fan opening.  It all  happened in a flash and I was calling for help.

We checked and put a plastic cover hoping this would stop the rat from walking in again.

I slept and woke up again at 12:30 a.m. with a feeling that the rat was nibbling at my toe. It was a very freaky sensation. I woke up and looked around – no it was my imagination getting the better of me. I snuggled close to my son and just hoped that what I felt was just my imagination.

Imagination it was, but my inner self was telling me that the rat is here. And the rat had been to the kitchen and devoured the red juicy tomatoes I had brought the day before. I looked at the tomatoes in utter disgust – small holes in each of the tomato.The rat had made a small hole in the plastic bag and enjoyed his meal.

I cleaned up the mess and spent the day hoping that the rat wouldn’t come again.

At night we put a heavy duty plastic cover. This should hopefully keep the rat away.I just made sure that I close the kitchen door. Whatever happens inside the kitchen, I don’t want to even imagine the rat close around.

I woke up at half past 12 midnight. I heard something. It must be the rat. I closed my eyes —  I am not going to check. No point,  I wont be able to do anything about it.

It was 5 in the morning, when I heard another sound of something falling.. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I opened the kitchen door cautiously, switched on the light and made some noise at the door. I wanted the rat to know that I am here and the party is over.

To my horror.. I saw one – two – three mice walk out from the exhaust fan. I was trying to make sense of it all. Walked a step further in the kitchen and one more decides to leave. Yuck!

I just stared at the exhaust fan (which was covered in the heavy duty plastic bag) where I had seen the tails disappear.  I couldn’t do anything about it. But I couldn’t sleep either. I just left the lights on.

It seems that the rat had enjoyed his meal the night before and called his friends to the party. Too bad, I had made sure there wasnt anything to be eaten there so too bad for them.

But too bad for me too. I have been washing and cleaning today. I still have the last batch to wash in the sink. Arrrrghhh…

RatsAnd I think of Ratatouille and wonder how I ever liked that movie. And then I think of Cinderella and the rats .. and ewwww…

I don’t want the rats around.  Somebody help!

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