Sheen hasa pyov! – untimely snow…

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Yesterday morning was bright and sunny… someone commented its so sunny.. and yes.. i agreed…
and then as if from nowhere, the clouds descended and a few raindrops… enough to set the environment for a sleepy Sunday… and then it rained and rained and rained….

This morning when I looked outside the I saw the white glow… it had snowed!

I just stared…. not now???
Just as much as snow at its proper time would have caused smiles, I just looked and wondered… wasn’t it just a few days back when I expressed joy at the coming of spring… It was just a few days back when I was running around taking pictures of the beautiful yembarzals as they spread fragrance in the air.. I had seen a few butterflies flutter around.. and i sang to myself.. Spring is in the air

and that too after a winter which I had spent waiting for snow

and now Snow?

I said, this is the height… we have sun shining upon us in the middle of Chilay Kalaan and now snow after the initial bloom of spring?

and someone replied… “Nat kyazi wanhous Khoda?”

Truly, Allah doesnt work on our whims and fancies…
Is it just another expression of the beauty and freedom that nature enjoys?

or is it a warning… a threat…

Here are some of the photographs I took this morning… its snow in spring..
winter having a tug-of-power with spring…

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