Snow plz!

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Sheena pyatow pyatow…

Its 4th of January, 15 days into Chillay Kalaan — temperature in Kashmir is freezing — and it is a dry winter. There is no snow.

With temperature going down to minus 7 in Srinagar, the Dal has frozen.

[frozen Dal. -- in Greater Kashmir.]

And people look up in wonder hoping for snowfall. A snowless winter has great implications for Kashmir — for snow shall come — but at an abnormal time.

Last year also saw almost no snow throughout the winter, and then when it snowed, spring had already made an entry into the Kashmiri life. The first blossoms of spring had to shrivel and die in snow. And as it was March already, the snow melted sooner than it would have, had it snowed in winter. There was flood. And it was followed by a hot and humid summer.

If the weather patterns in Srinagar will change, it will drastically affect the lifestyle of Kashmir.

In spite of the fact that snow makes things very difficult for Kashmiris, one cant help but say out.. “Sheena Pyatow Pyatow”….

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  1. once the sheen is on d streets, the gvrnment goes on strike.. and so do the commodities, the lpg cylinders, the electrons in the wires, and the cars on the streets..
    sheen pyatow pyatow..

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