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That is the name!
And this guys goes about preaching ‘peace’ to the world.

And what place is in need of peace more than Kashmir?
So Sri Sri (Why twice?) Ravi Shankar, decides to walk in to the vale — and address — not exactly the common masses who walk on the dusty roads — but the elite group who make it to the big conference halls.

Ravi meets Geelani
And Mr.Ravi Shankar decided to walk into the house of Hurriyet Conference leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani – coming to him with PEACE.

Anyways, it seems that Geelani had a word or two to say to him..

“If you are serious about peace in Jammu and Kashmir, you should go to Delhi and urge Indian leaders to vacate troops from occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir…When Indian government itself says there are some 1500 militants operating in Kashmir, then why it has deployed some seven lakh troops vested with draconian laws to counter such a small number?”

Sometimes I like the good old man for what he says. Sometimes I don’t like what he says.
But I was glad to read the message that he sent to the man who came to speak of peace in a conference hall.

ravi and zakirPS: In case you don’t know who Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is … its ok. 🙂 I didnt either until I watched him on Peace TV, debating with our dear Zakir Naik. Ravi Shankar has a huge following in the rich nations where people find him bringing to them the message of peace. This guy is the chairman of “Art of Living” foundation.

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  1. Sakooter,

    This post of yours only exhibits in best grandeur the ignorance you have about the Art of Living Foundation and the service activities in countries like South Africa, Belize and Mongolia…only in rich nations !!!
    Inner-city drig rehabiliation, tribal schools, trauma relief in Indonesia are just a few of the multi-faceted areas.

    And “Sri Sri” is a very traditional title int the spiritual path since hundreds of years, but then only if you have the commitment and take the effort to explore would you know …isn’t it ?

    At least do thorough homework before displaying your “pearls of wisdom” !

  2. At least he is doing something and in many instances getting fantastic results ….i guess you haven’t met former terrorists who underwent the Art of Living program and transformed and laid down their arms. Atleast I know this because I myslelf know people who met them as well as saw videos of their testimonies.

    He recognizes this issue and is taking action …better than just spewing hollow comments.

  3. I am glad you read.
    and am glad that at least the mention of Sri Sri brings to notice the un-noticed suffering of the people of Kashmir.

    I was aware of the use of title “Sri” – and I do understand that it is used as a mark of respect, just that I didn’t understand why use it twice. I just penned down what I didn’t understand.

    If meeting Geelani was one of the attempts to transform Geelani from a terrorist to a ‘peace-keeper’, – then at least I can say, and a lot more Kashmiris would say, that we dont want peace at the price of our basic human rights.

    Anyways, your comments are welcome. And Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is welcome too, if this is what it takes to get noticed infront of the world community.

  4. Sri Sri’s message is love and peace. And he has done the right thing by first going to the conference halls. Who knows, if he collects “the common masses who walk on the dusty roads “, there will be multiple bomb threats to disrupt the event!!!

    And yeah, what a debate it was between our dear Sri Sri and Zakir Naik. People world over including me came to know about Zakir Naik through that event only.

    You can be skeptical, but also please do some research on the tireless work Sri Sri and his Art of Living do all over the world to spread peace.

  5. Ya…… just saying that THAT GUY CAME…. u should know who u r talking about.. If he is only for the riches and there were 25 lakh assembled during the Silver Jubilee, then India is really rich to have soo many riches….
    Please go through what services Sri Sri is doing before commenting..
    About this Zakir Naik, i had gone thro the video of the debate and i find Sri Sri so soft and to the point on varoius questions wehreas Zakir was too keen on showing off that he knew this verse and that verse. Sri Sri did not redicule any religion whereas Zakir feels that Islam is the best religion and all others are below. Sri Sri on the contrary says to accept good this from all religion and learn all srciptures. One is pro single religion and the other is for vasudeva Kutumbakam. No comparisions …. cant compare a mouse with a lion…..

  6. Dear Vimal,
    I never compared Zakir Naik with Sri Sri. I don’t see any reason to compare. 🙂 Let’s not get into a comparison discussion. I am glad you watched the video. And whatever logical conclusions you came up with, are yours to keep. You have a right to your opinion.

    And I have a right to my opinion. I think Sri Sri’s visit to Kashmir, (with all due respect, and in spite of attributing all good intentions to the visit), was restricted to the conference hall.. and I think the people who really needed that message of peace are the Indian armed force – I wish he would have spoken to them instead. If he could bring them closer to peace, I would have saluted him.

    He decided to bring peace to Geelani. And in my opinion, what Geelani had to say was very correct. I am yet to see Sri Sri talking to the government of India about peace.

  7. You think its so easy to talk about peace to the Indian Government. I’m sure taht if he spoke to the Inidan Governement, you would come up with the thought that he was interested in doing nothing but getting into power and ruling people and making money and crap. The problem with the world is that they always suspect people who do good!! Just go do the Yes! Plus course!!!

  8. Yes indeed!
    If you had lived in the kind of conditions we Kashmiris live in, you would know how important it is to be skeptical about people – it is the basic human instinct – the survival instinct.

    And it is not difficult to ‘talk’ for someone with so much international presence. Whether Indian government hears it or not is secondary.

    Coming to Kashmir was first step from his side, I would love to see step two before I become less skeptical.

  9. I’m not a great fan of Ravishankar. However, your ignorance surprised me, to say the least. Anyways…you are on the right direction. Blogging will help you to educate and learn more things. 😉

  10. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a successful businessman who has commercialized meditation. I am not saying it is bad. To the extent that commercialization of anything—from candy to computers—brings benefits to both the provider and the consumer, it is a good thing. But one should be quite aware of the motive of the provider—it is motivated by the desire for commercial profit. That in itself does not make the good or service provided any less than what it is supposed to be. But the consumer should be aware that the provider does not work out of pure altruism.

    His visit to Kashmir should be seen only in this perspective. CEO of a company trying to increase the brand value of his product by associating it with a cause. Of course, I do not mean to say that there is anything wrong in such attempt.

  11. What CEO? What business man?
    CEO Business man go to Iraq, Tsunami victims ,rehabilitate and clean 25,000 villages.
    So you think he is fooling 2.5 Million people to do something stupid like meditation for his business?
    Anybody Any member can go and request CA Audited account reports of art of living So Mr. Shastry please go and get copy of that and then pass comments.

    This contradictions and fights will kill you and your family and me and my family soon.

    SO Help person(SRI SRI) who is spreading this message.
    You cannot even laugh at some people’s such ignorance level it feels shocked the way educated people make such remarks

  12. Oh boy! Congrats on YOUR acumen in hogging the limelight! Guess you chose a smart topic and smarter name and getting all noticed – at no cost of yours!

    Cant help but recollect the story of the lizard sitting stuck on the roof and thinking he is supporting and keeping the roof in its place! 🙂

    If only guys like you had the spunk and willingness to do social work and contribute to society rather than sitting cozily in one’s room and passing wise comments on the good work of what people like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is doing, what a better place this world wud’ve been!

  13. @ Sheshadri
    The blog post was NOT about all the work that Sri Sri Ravishankar does. He might be seeming to do wonders for people, but I didnt see him do any wonders for Kashmiris.

    The post, I say it again, was specifically related to Ravi Shankar’s visit to Kashmir which I thought didnt make much difference as it was ‘meeting the elite’ and not the masses, and not even the violent ‘security forces’. He chose to meet Geelani, an old man who gave him a befitting answer, which he obviously didnt do anything about.

    Just speaking for the sake of peace, for the heck of it, cant please anyone who is living in a “peace-less” situation, and certainly not me. We have had enough of those speeches.

    Trust me, we live through this!

  14. Sri Sri Ravishanker must be a great man and doing a lot of righteous work to spread peace (with due respect to him)but not as far as kashmir and kashmiris are concerned ,i completely agree with sakooter.If you really believe in doing something good dont be shallow and superficial but try to do it with all the sincerity and sense of purpose.

  15. This blog is about the visit of Sri Sri to Kashmir and obviously the visit achieved nothing as far as Kashmir is concerned.

  16. Why would you expect everyone visiting Kashmir to solve your problems? Are we so weak that we can’t solve our own problems, instead of wasting time on what Sri Sri achieved by visiting Kashmir, we should look into ourselves and ask what we have done for our Kashmir, I would definitely make a point here as someone might ask what have you done, sorry to disappoint, NOTHING.

    Instead of pointing fingers, let everyone ask his or her Dad that Maruti we have in the garage, who paid for it? believe me 8 out of 10 won’t answer the question. So let us clean our acts.

    I don’t want to antagonize anyone here, if feeling are hurt, I apologize.

    God Bless all the Sakooterwala’s as their Dad’s can’t afford a Maruti.

  17. and if you want peace swith over to Islam.. dont wait for people to give you their share.. after all a materialistic world knows no peace.. no matter how many guys claim that.. the peace lies in the next world provided one works for it..

  18. and when did sri sri come to Kashmir? I guess there is one who doesnt know about it.. and regardin Dr. Zakir Naik well he is the best and Islam as well..

  19. Very true that islam is all about peace ,but coming to real world it is the muslims who are fighting with each other and thats is depressing.sunni,s and shias, political sects in palestine,where ever there,s voilence we get to see muslims somehow involved.I pray to God that we understand the real Islam and stop fighting with each other

  20. Mr. Ravi shanker is a high profile rich businessman.
    He went to Iraq to preach ‘peace’ to Iraqis, but he doesnt yet know its AMericans who invaded Iraq and created havoc. Even american public says it was a disaster and blames their administration. They have written huge no.of books condemning the invasion, somehow Sri Sri ravi shanker doesnot know this or may be doesnt want to acknowledge it.

    He also has close ties with RSS- a killing machine against muslims. With all this on his shoulders, its laughable that he want to preach peace in Kashmir.

  21. 1. To know the valve of a Diamond you need a True Jeweler .
    2. To give comment on any thing first you should have experience of it.

    so first of all ,know that srisri is the divine diamond ,the king who will continue celebrating his life ,by making others life a heaven and the master ( sri sri ) is doing it continuously wherther anybody are having good or bad image about him. After going through his beautifull Art of living workshop, and with faith practicing his breathing techniques , i cured my esonophelia, i got confidance to do my engineering , got a 5 digit salary job ,and many more.. in 2005 i had got a lucky chance to be with guruji for 3 days , He had meeting and talks from CEO of Reliance , , INFOSIS , Microsoft upto the fruit vendors to tribals to begers group …….. Ihad seen him giving Rs 50000 to 10 needy youth so that they can start their own work, Know only one thing he is divine and even if u critisize him infront of him still he will love u.

  22. Shailendra…if u have money, anyone can give it. Giving 50000 to 10 people isnt great, when u get NRI funds. If u go by that way, i know couple of people who give every year >50,000 for poor students to pay the fees in colleges, dat too hard earned money…not some NRI funds.

    People are worried about their lives, getting killed by armed forces…u r talking about personal gains like job, money…how stupid!

  23. @shail

    yeah a gem is something with exterior dazzle such that the buyer may be impressed.. inside its just impurities within a rock.. and why compare ur self to a jeweller.. surely you would be doing other things

  24. Sir,its easy to criticise anyone.But we should look into ourselves and ask what we have contributed.Sri Sri is not a politician nor a business man.He is focusing on all sects of people-villagers,uneducated,business men,prisoners,..First do all the courses and get acquainted with Him and then give comments.And I think AOL is the only spiritual organisation who is not receiving any NRI funds.About Kashmir issue ,lets wait for more peaceful activities from him.A big leap at the outset itself would result in a fall,so have patience.KNOW ABOUT THE AL-QUEIDA TERRORIST WHO LAID DOWN HIS ARMS AFTER DOING AOL COURSE.HE IS A SOCIAL WORKER NOW.Open your eyes and view things from a wider perpective.Appreciate the good in others.

  25. Hey, u guyz can go on n on wid this subject…. first the sri sri n Kashmir thing, then dr. zakir naik n finally islam is the best. Dude, the guy who started all this should know tht we juz don’t react to a situation, we respond to it…. well u wud know tht if u did the Art Of Living Basic Course! But anywayz, gettin bak to the disscussion, Juz wait n follow the newz, if sri sri is in a place, it is bound to b fostering of relations and reduction of public stress. U shud hav known the no. of courses tht wud take place, lik the one tht was reported by media… tht yoga n pranayam will b thot to Kashmiri Children… sir sri is a visionary n he is even lukin to make Kashmir an epitome of Peace…an eg. for Future.
    And Mr. sakooter, hav some patience… n if u r tht result oriented, then do somethin for Kashmir yourself…. we anywayz need volunteers to go ahead with our vision of a stress-free society, healthy body and terror-free world. Join the volunteer group, direct ur enthu. n enery on the right direction.

  26. Tejwani, Divya and all.

    Maybe Sri Sri did a lot of good for a lot of people. But HELLO!! this post doesn’t malign him or what he does.

    All I pointed out is that we Kashmiris do not need hollow statements made. We have had enough of these.

    His failure to even respond to Geelani’s statement was itself a proof of the lip-service that was given to the Kashmiri cause.

    He might be a good businessman, a great saint, a great leader for many — but I still need to see “service” — not as giving speeches in conference halls, going to innocent kids and teaching them yoga, — but as an international figure speak to those who sit and make policies that denies the same little kids their future.

    But then, you wouldn’t understand what it is to live in Kashmir. You wouldn’t understand why these “words” come across as meaningless to people who want to see real action.

    You wont understand, and I do not expect you to.

  27. Ok, Mr. sakooter….ok u temme wht do u expect fm aol? Precisely, tell us wht can be done for the Kashmiri people and how we can change it. I ll make sure it reaches to the ears of the right people. Tell us ur vision.

  28. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a big wig..he manages to brain wash volunteers to do all the work..aol charges for course,an act never practiced for instance like the Zen…its all about bringing media into his supposedly”compassionate works”..i agreee,aol has mastered the art of marketting..its sad,for have seen that the spirituality of members dont grow within,its the fast high of kriyas they r after,rather than a life long process which zen is all about….aol spends too much for a 1 day visit of “his holiness” he is coming to manila for a 2 hr talk and expenses already amounting to 4000usd with tickets being sold…why sell tickets???but,cant fight them,am sad that they all r zombies and in fact a very egoistic group of followers

  29. Kashmir!!!

    what happned to original kashmiri people in kashmir ???
    They wer butcher’d and massacred by Laskaris and islamist militants in my kashmir.Now same Islamist militant supporter are crying for Peace in Kashmir wow!!! they hav started the war in the first place and they are still talking about killing of kashmiris if kashmiris comes back to kashmir valley .
    Indian army are just doing the right thing in kashmir.
    Remember how it feels when islamist militants breaks the door and comes in to kill(torture/rape) the innocent kashmiri Pandits in kashmir and all the Islamist people of kashmir laughs at Kashmiri Pandits(kafirs).

    ur lord “Allah” cant help U cuz Karma is the ultimate Bitch, Beware!

    —Panun Kashmir(i’m glad tht Indian Armies killing all the militants & their supporters in kashmir)

  30. Rajyapaul Aryanath Dhar–Panun Kashmir–Communal fascist Organization:

    What Sort of Joker are you. “Original People of Kashmir”…..You mean Kashmiri speaking Brahmins ???

    So who are we ?? Just because we converted to Islam, we become non- original and you bigots who always sided with foreign oppressors become the Original. You filthy zionist — deleted —. Remember what atrocities, you unleashed and subjugated the majority of Kashmiri people through centuries….read ” Hindu Rulers Muslim Subjects”.. by Mridu Rai

    You filthy lair. when was a Kashmiri Pandit girl raped ??? Not a single Pandit was raped ever in the history of Kashmir….

    On the contrary more than 9000 kashmiri muslim women were raped. and 100,000 people killed.

    According to Govt’ s own confession only 219 pandits were killed, that too for political reasons….How can you even compare that with 100,000 muslims killed since 1989 and more than 200,000 muslims killed in Jammu in 1947.

    You are disgusting xenophobic moron.

  31. You are a scum bag Sakooter. What can anybody expect from a person who hails Dr Zakir Naik as his leader. Just shut up and keep studiying the koran.


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