That is the name!
And this guys goes about preaching ‘peace’ to the world.

And what place is in need of peace more than Kashmir?
So Sri Sri (Why twice?) Ravi Shankar, decides to walk in to the vale — and address — not exactly the common masses who walk on the dusty roads — but the elite group who make it to the big conference halls.

Ravi meets Geelani
And Mr.Ravi Shankar decided to walk into the house of Hurriyet Conference leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani – coming to him with PEACE.

Anyways, it seems that Geelani had a word or two to say to him..

“If you are serious about peace in Jammu and Kashmir, you should go to Delhi and urge Indian leaders to vacate troops from occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir…When Indian government itself says there are some 1500 militants operating in Kashmir, then why it has deployed some seven lakh troops vested with draconian laws to counter such a small number?”

Sometimes I like the good old man for what he says. Sometimes I don’t like what he says.
But I was glad to read the message that he sent to the man who came to speak of peace in a conference hall.

ravi and zakirPS: In case you don’t know who Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is … its ok. 🙂 I didnt either until I watched him on Peace TV, debating with our dear Zakir Naik. Ravi Shankar has a huge following in the rich nations where people find him bringing to them the message of peace. This guy is the chairman of “Art of Living” foundation.

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