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So here I am! Tagged by JasdeepSIngh, and so that I don’t fall asleep right on my desk, let me try to get started with the it…

Iโ€™m : what I make of myself.

I think : postive.

I know : that I need to know a lot more than I do.

I have : a lot more than many others that I should be thankful for.

I wish : to implement the things I think or believe in.

I hate : lies.

I miss : being a undergrad student.

I fear : living my life like just another nobody.

I feel : that everyone CAN make a difference.

I hear : opportunity knock my door.

I smell : maggi being made in the office pantry..

I crave : for Malay food at times.

I search : for meanings.

I wonder : at life.

I regret : not!

I love : life.

I ache : when I see injustice.

I care : only for those who want to help themselves.

I am not : docile by nature.

I believe : in God and His ability to set all things right.

I dance : never.

I sing : only at weddings, where my voice is mixed with so many others that it cant cause any harm… he he.. and ofcourse silently along with the koshur mousiki and nasheeds…

I cry : when I am so very hurt or angry.

I donโ€™t always : get to do what I plan and daydream I will do.

I fight : all the time…phew! [that is the moment I see things are not right…]

I write : just about anything that comes to my mind…

I win : trust.

I lose : ? No, I don’t. Its just a matter of how you see it.

I never : accept defeat.

I always : look forward to an opportunity to run around the country.

I confuse : myself when I am expected to brag about myself. ๐Ÿ˜›

I listen : to nature speak, and it is the best song.

I can usually be found : under some tree or some weird corner with my camera.

I am scared : of not meeting my own expectations

I need : to be in touch with people who make me THINK.

done! Now its my turn to tag ppl.. okies let see

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