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Here is another something i found that I had written some time last year.. you might want to read thru…


A cow couldn’t possibly an animal that could fascinate me… I could have never thought that I would actually pen down my observations about cows…

However, life being “LIFE” – has its mysteries, and at this particular point in life I am stuck with cows. Oh no! I don’t work in a farm.. far from it.. but somehow cows are a indigenous inhabitants of Rangreth’s Electronic Complex, and even thought I never asked for it, life has put me face to face with cows.

Now I think back and recall the first observation I had about cows. Yes… near convent road, I used to see how cows have littered and how they moo and walk around (as if they own the place). I used to shrug at their never ending and gluttonous eating.. eating anything… including plastic bags…

Cow – an animal I couldn’t ascribe any personality to. There is no elegance, no strength, no beauty, no compassion – nothing about cow could fascinate anyone – except probably the fact that it appears so cow-ish! The Kashmiri word “gaav” describes a cow best. A cow is a “gaav” –nothing more nothing less.

I thought that was it. I possibly cant analyze a cow much! There isn’t much to a cow’s personality that I could think about.

Life proved me wrong once again.

I met this woman who was told me the troubles she was having with her cows… rather the troubles that her new cow was giving her. It may sound funny, but this is a serious issue. The new cow couldn’t adjust with the ones that were there.

I was forced to think. Cows actually having adjustment problems! Hey that’s like humans. When they are put in a new setup, they need time to adjust. Then they spend time together, and finally one fine day, they are okay with things – adjusted. “That’s a wow!”, I thought to myself.

And yet another day, I was deep in thought, and I saw these cows in their process of “grass intake”. And the first impression they made was “How dumb!”. They seemed to notice nothing, think nothing, just eating. But then I thought, “Hey that’s like humans!” This is about survival. Every morning we rush like mad people to our office – work the whole day and then we go home – there doesn’t seem some great purpose attached to it all – except that this is livelihood! So what’s so dumb about the poor cow.

Now, I was actually sympathizing with the cows. But then, cows are silly.. they eat anything.. even plastic bags…

But don’t humans as well? We do so many things that shouldn’t be done – we smoke while we know that smoking kills.. It actually began to sound like cows eating plastic bags.

Worse still…

Now I was completely taken aback! Cows are better off! I thought of so many problems that exist in our society. I thought of drug addiction, I thought of alcoholism, I thought … and my brain processor got stuck! No way!

“Cows litter! They have no manners!” – uh emm… aggghhh! I was beginning to feel miserable! Cows are better off! Look at all these people that make up our “human society” – educated people – with degrees – throwing plastic bags, trash, filth anywhere…

I must stop thinking about cows. Cows are still “gaav” – but you know what.. I think they are better off.

Hats off to all the cows of this world! They are useful. They don’t waste their lives in envy and hypocrisy. They carry their faults and don’t pretend to be “intelligent” – like humans do.


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