The Koshur Vegies

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It’s been a long time since I wrote. Didn’t quite feel like writing. I guess the cold has kind of frozen those inner thoughts that used to find space in this blogsophere. So what brings me here today?

Well as simple — trying to figure what you call monji in english. It all started with a discussion where we sat and tried to google for english name for this koshur delight. Not sure there are many monji lovers out there, but Koshur vegetable cooked in the Koshur way are yum.. 😛 yum.. talking about food always fills me with a sense of yummmm….

Anyways, my search landed me into various websites — with names of vegetables in hindi and their equivalent in english —  but well I needed my Koshur sabziz to be described.

My research gave the following results: Monji/Monje is best described as Knol Khol or Kohlrabi [Go figure — run a google search for knol khol].

Its rather interesting to try and figure what the english equivalent is. Any readers having experience searching for the koshur vegies translation — drop a line.

In the meanwhile guess what the literal translation of nadur-monji would be? Lotus stem – knol khol. 😛

9 replies on “The Koshur Vegies”

  1. hehe. . nadur monji is chilly corn flour coated lotus stem cooked in reusable oil high in trans fats..

    good post sakooter.

    if want to google then search for wopal haakh..

  2. nun chaye te sheermal sote pamperich nabrie chu sheen ghatkar luck ahsan wine shagthe. mai kya shaginsha be chame panas nun chaye 😛

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