Think different!

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Its been a long time since I last posted. One of those pauses in writing that come and take quite some time to get rid off.. and I finally shook it off.
A few days back I found a book at home, “Ideas that moved the world.” compiled by Horace Shipp (if i remember correctly). The book used to be text book for TDC (11th class), years back… back in 1970’s. I had often heard my mom speak of the book, and I was truly glad to get my hands on it. The book is a collection of stories of some great men whose ideas truly moved the world.

I read through some of the stories … and I saw a common trait. A trait that was very clearly marked as the factor that made these great people stand out — the trait of being able to THINK — and not let that thinking be affected by what the rest of the world thinks or does.

And when you reflect on it, .. isn’t the idea of sticking to the norm what causes decay of any society. Isn’t it the lack of thinkers that makes us steep in ignorance and bigotry?

I quote Giordano Bruno, one of the great men with great ideas:

“It is the poor mind that will think with the multitude because it is multitude; truth is not altered by the opinion of the vulgar or the confirmation of the many.”

– Giordano Bruno

and once the ability to think is there, what is needed is the courage to stick to what one believes in… How many of us are willing to stand up for truth and justice? How many of us compromise with what we claim to believe in…

Bruno’s last words, as he was put at stake on 17th February, 1600, for saying that the sun revolves round the earth and not vice-versa, should set us thinking:

“I have fought. That is much – victory is in the hands of Fate. Be that as it may with me, this at least future ages will not deny of me, be the victor who may – that I did not fear to die, yielded to none of my fellows in constancy, and preferred a spirited death to a cowardly life.”

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  1. where [edited content *&@&] did you learn about Giordano Bruno , [Edited content&^%&%] ???? (Strudel is from Rome, you know, same place of the Pope, that chap who didn’t like G.B.)

  2. Yeah, it is the innovative and original afresh thinking that change the world. Are we Muslims producing thinkers of such caliber??

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