What sakooter?

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I have been asked and people often wonder WHAT? sakooter?
and I smile.. coz this has been my name for such a long time..
so today I shall unravel the story of sakooter….

Once upon a time, I used to study in the university, the undergraduate days… (well in Kashmir, we call it college).. and it was then that I became very active in student programs… and that logically entailed that I would be running from one corner of our campus to another the whole time.. [well, and.. I happen to walk fast…] I have often found people comment on that and there is one particular incident I remember where one of the students wanted to ask me something.. and the poor guy had to follow me quite a while before he could catch up and manage to talk to me..
anyways.. so one of my other friends devised this name (before deciding on BMW, Maruti and finally the sakooter)..besides the many others including (.. umm.. lets not discuss those this time round).. and I thought it fit perfectly… coz a sakooter actually can travel through the narrowest kochas .. and I always pictured myself in Kashmir… so that just fit so well..

so sakooter i became…i opened an email account.. the id was not taken 🙂 …
and then there was this kashmiri forum I used to post regularly on… and of course i used the name sakooter… and sakooter got into lots of arguments.. and discussions and the sakooter never stopped…

the sakooter speaks is a continuation of the thought process of the sakooter that travels through the narrowest kochas and streets at an incredible speed…

Sorry.. there is no drama… no emotion in this story.. its just a plain sakooter story.. nothing fanciful…nothing funny.. its the sakooter side of me!

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