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What do I cook today

What a question? Some years back, I used to feel so disgusted (and I mean DISGUSTED), when I saw women discuss what they cooked every single day! I mean seriously, when there is so much happening in the world – so many things to ponder upon, why in the world are women stuck to this? (and of course the discussion of other not-so-noble things)

But today I understand!

And it doesn’t feel good to have belittled them.

It might not be the most crucial topic of discussion, nor would it affect the

world.  (But then how much of the intellectual discussion people have really has any influence on the world?) But I have come to realize that it is a routine that women mostly get stuck in (whether they like it or not is a different question). And had not they got stuck in that, we wouldn’t know what it feels like to yearn for the food that  your mother cooked!

Food is good, so what’s wrong with cooking? 😉