I am back!

Well this isn’t the first time I have written I am back, or as I read a tweet from Rubban, BRB – my brb didn’t quite become a brb all this while. Where have I been? I have been hibernating…and that’s the closest I can get to explaining my absence.

I have been here.. online most of the time but still not writing. My train of thoughts that are so sakooterish went hidden somewhere.. and I just couldn’t get myself to write. I guess there have been too many changes that life has brought. And seriously, its good to be back.  I haven’t rummaged at my key board like this for ages.

First of all aplogies to my dear readers. I do understand many of them just gave up on me. I was about to give up on myself but I shall not. Thats my ninja way.. (sidethought: I have been watching too much naruto lately).

Anyhow, the reason I disappeared was – actually there is no one reason. There are many reasons. I got married, have a beautiful son now Alhamdulillah.. and there have been too many things going on in my mind – from the BIG reason that we live our life as we do to actually reaching that purpose. (Oh that is another of the headache’s I’ve been having.)

Other than that, on a professional end, I started off with a design studio and am working hard to do good work for my clients.

I havent had time to do good photography except some rare opportunities that I make most of. I haven’t been reading (other than all that technical stuff.. #&$^#&$(*).

🙂 Seriously, it feels good to be back! Alhamdulillah! and I hope this time I continue and don’t fall back…