Doubled and troubled – Dimensions…

It is one of the most thought provoking statements that I have heard lately.. and obviously I cant help but comment on it.

They say, that they (as in ‘unn’ with loads of tameez) said that the Kashmir problem has TWO dimensions. It must take someone who is a genius indeed to come up with a an actual analysis of a problem so complex and with so many dimensions that it looks more like a blob without dimensions to people (less than genius) like me.

Well if you haven’t heard it till now, its about time that you also get to know… oh yes. the Kashmir problem…. (even the word problem is problematic to use in this reference)… has two dimensions as per the Prime Minister of the Indian state.
1. Internal
2. External

Internal could mean anything from a ‘zara sa’ stomach ache coz of eating peanuts to a malignant tumor. While the external could range from a slight increase in temperature to a tsunami. Anyways, the extent of the dimension was not elaborated on.

Anyways.. with all that annoyance vent out…we read about sincere intentions and desires…

”It is our intention and sincere desire to advance on both fronts towards resolving the problems through a process of dialogue,” Dr Singh said in his opening remarks at the third roundtable on Kashmir convened by him.

2 decades of pain and we are still only trying to identify the dimensions to the problem (and that too not to the satisfaction of commoners like me)… so much to speak of intentions…

Double Standards…

A world of double standards, and many sub-standards.
This is the world we live in.

From the individual level to that of nations, we have a different set of rules (undefined, unexplainable, illogical, absurd) for different entities belonging to seemingly same category.

We the claimants of being ‘intelligent’ beings, behave so unintelligently, that animals certainly (with their limited intelligence) would mock at us, if they understood. Or maybe they do mock at us, and we don’t understand…

Let us look at a case in today’s news…

5 taleban men were released in exchange for Mr Mastrogiacomo (the Italiano), and Mr Naqshbandi’s (the Afghani) was killed, because (ironically, the Afghani) government didn’t think it fit to negotiate for his life.

And all the ‘president’ Karzai has to say is:

“[Mr Mastrogiacomo] was an extraordinary situation and won’t be repeated again,” Mr Karzai said on Friday. “No more deals with no-one and with no other country.” BBC

Human life is precious. All humans are equal. — umm.. maybe…

When nationality, or color makes life of one human being more important than others.. what would you call it? Sick double standards.

But then… This is what the world is like. United States, the big upholder and spokesperson for human rights, went and bombed and killed thousands of innocent Afghanis, to capture ‘one’ man, who they had ‘proof’ against (which even after so many years after the war the world is yet to see)… and the rest of the world is deaf, dumb and blind.


oh please.. I cant help but comment on this:

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Shias have gathered in the holy city of Najaf for a mass demonstration calling for US-led troops to leave Iraq. BBC

I would ask why? Weren’t the US-led troops (supposedly) welcome earlier on?

And they actually thought US-led troops were there because they, out of their ‘kindness’ wanted to come to Iraq to save them???

How naive can we get?

Anti-madrassa protest?

Extremism can never be justified.
Ironical as it would sound to anyone who knows what Islam is, the term somehow gets linked with it.

But before we go on looking at the issue at hand, lets first understand that Islam is the way to submit to God’s will, and God knowing the way we are created, has made it easy. Islam is easy, makes life easy — not difficult. Islam puts the social order in a state of harmony and tolerance for all.

Unfortunately, people judge Islam based on the people who happen to carry the label ‘muslim’. And when it come to the Muslims, there are so many types – the islamic muslims and the unislamic muslims. Now the Islamic Muslims would be people who are trying their best to live lives on the precepts in the Quran and the Sunnah. Giving their very best to live honestly, to speak the truth, to give charity, to take care of people around them, to stand up for justice…. and so on.

The Un-Islamic muslims come in so many varieties that it is hard to really categorize them, but for simplicity sake, I will just put them into two categories

one who think they are being very Islamic. And in their twisted understanding of Islam go to extremism thinking this is what is required of them. Very emotional and often very naive, these people generally know very little about Islam (talking of understanding). The faith for them is more or less blind faith, they don’t question, they don’t think.
the other are those self-proclaimed modernists, who have a twisted understanding of what is required of them for being modern and fashionable. They do carry the label of ‘muslim’ – as they happen to be born in a muslim family. They question everything that doesnt ‘look’ fashionable to them – without really seeking the answers (for if they were really seeking answers, they wouldn’t be stuck in this category).These are the kind of people who would think even wearing a head-cover by a muslim as a sign of religious extremism.

Now, let me not digress from the issue. The issue being that of ‘human rights activists’ in Pakistan protesting against madrassas.

Human rights campaigners said students from the madrassa were “harassing and terrorising ordinary citizens of Pakistan in the name of Islam”, AFP news agency reported.

Reading through the news item a few things are pretty much clear
– the ‘madrassa’ people were supposedly trying to put things right. The woman who was ‘abducted’ by madrassa students (who are girls also), was supposedly running a brothel.
Now if the brothel story is true, I dont quite understand whether such people can ever be referred to as ‘ordinary citizens of Pakistan’.
A wrong should be put right. The woman was released after confessing.

– What exactly were the ‘human rights activists’ protesting against? Do they think that people who run brothels should be just left alone to carry out their activities? Maybe they would think it wrong when their own spouse/someone close to them hurries to such places…

There are two things that make me sad as I think of it.
– The madrassa shouldn’t need to handle such an issue. What is the government of Pakistan doing? With messed up implementation of Shariah laws, which turn people against ‘Shariah’ itself, Pakistan has created enough mess.
– The protestors should have protested against involvement of the madrassa, but should have demanded government action instead.

Pakistan is sleeping. Wake up Pakistan!

Normalcy ahoy!

I see todays newspaper…

Alleged molestation of a young woman by the paramilitary CRPF personnel sparked massive demonstrations at Nowpora here on Monday.


A man was crushed to death and two others critically injured by a speeding paramilitary CRPF vehicle at Hyderpora on the city outskirts on Monday evening. The incident sparked off violent protests by the people after which police seized the CRPF vehicle and arrested its driver.


Curfew was relaxed for three hours in Mendhar area of Poonch district on Monday.


Incensed at the security forces’ beating of a student and two women, hundreds of people staged angry demonstrations in Pattan today and blocked traffic on the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road as a mark of protest.


No judge has yet been found by the Jammu and Kashmir government to head a probe into the alleged staged killings by security forces in the state almost seven weeks after a judicial inquiry was announced.


These sure are signs of normalcy in Kashmir.

And the paramilitary forces sure are behaving like “security” forces…

Erroneous Education?

Greater kashmir, March 26 reports:

Next time your school going kid spells some word erroneously; don’t haul him or her up as this could be taught from prescribed textbooks in school.
Spelling mistakes in English. Incorrect solutions in mathematics. Wrong definitions in science. And Urdu text without punctuation marks.
These are no silly mistakes by schoolchildren, but errors in textbooks prescribed by some private schools – severely affecting child’s education in the Valley.
Ironically, even though the government is aware of these misgivings, they have “surrendered” before the “erring schools”.

It took them so long to discover this? Well.. at least they reported it.
Most of us are silent watchers anyways…

Talking of all that wrong and is taught in schools would not only make a good research paper (to think of it..?) but also actually go a long way in doing something to fix this state of affairs.
Truly said, the text book are of very poor quality, with loads of mistakes (why cant they even run a quick spell check?)

Anyways… what is reported here is talking of errors that are obviously accepted as wrong..
what about those that we know are wrong, and yet knowingly teach the kids?


What am I talking of..

well things of importance..

1. For example in every school the children are taught the theory of evolution – not to speak of it as a theory but something that is made to be understood to be fact… that the children are encouraged not to question. Strange but true….

2. And in every school, in every map that we study now and for I don’t know how many years back.. the map of India shows Kashmir as part of India (no no. I am not making another anti-India statement here).. the Kashmir that is shown includes the part of Kashmir that lies in Pakistan and the one under China.. (So much so that for a long time as a child I thought Kashmir is actually larger in size than it is.. i.e. the one shown in map + some part in Pakistan + in China).. it is a lie that prevails not only on text books but also national news for that matter.. lies.. lies.. lies..uff!!!

Education! Information!

Who wants Farooq Abdullah’s blood?

Farooq Abdullah — one man who generates lot of emotion by his very name. A man who is so much a part of the [dirty] politics of Kashmir. A man who stands out and has been much talked of…. I am sure everyone has heard some stories…


He was the son of that great Shiekh Abdullah.. When I say great, bear in mind that irrespective of the fact that many kashmiris feel betrayed by him, he was still the only ‘leader’ that had the charisma to move the masses. Kashmir has yet to see anyone who can stand up to that level.

And he is the father of Umar Abdullah… the young man who [seemingly] makes more sense than many others.. atleast for the sake of just words…


Farooq Abdullah…
Do you want his blood?

well if u do, here is the good news… Farooq Abdullah is on a blood donation drive: