Poz cha apuz?

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Thursday, February 08, 2007 at 12:53 PM IST

I dont know how many of you have actually had people ask you… “Poz cha apuz?” (true or false) when you didnt even know what they were asking about, expecting an answer from you…

This is the koshur way of guessing.. like flipping a coin.. or plucking the petals of a flower out..and depending on the answer the other person makes some conclusions.. that put the heart at ease…

And such a blatant question to ask in a society where “apuz” is unfortunately the norm…brings so many question marks in my mind..

And again when I say “apuz” is the norm in our society.. it is not necssarily the big fat lies that poeple speak — it is the small and seemingly useless lies that form part of the way we converse.. It is strange how easily we are willing to lie about things that dont matter at all…

I mean… lying is never justifiable — but it certainly makes no sense when people lie without any gain.. for the sake of that hollow “self-esteem” at times, and a lot of times.. for no reason other than the fact that it is the accepted norm..

“Bate Khyothe?….. ” [Hav u eaten?]
“aa..mye chu khyomet”…. [Yes]
[never ending zaarpaar follows.. including series of “balai lagai..ratchip lagai…myeni dreee..humsind dree….myoni marun… bla bla bla…”]
“acha… chani mujib khemai….” [fine.. i’ll eat …]

And if you actually do not conform to this setup of zaarpaaring you are inhospitable…

if we can lie about something as mundane and so much a part of kashir life — batte — we can lie abt anything…

and then..
when I say apuz is the norm of our society, i put forth a question to you:

Poz cha apuz?

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