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Cow –> dumb
Cow –> mad

We call it the mad cow disease….
Mad cow disease… funny as it may sound has nothing funny about it…

but when people start getting obsessed with cows… (yes! you heard me right…obsessed with cows).. I’d think they r suffering from mad cow syndrome…

Look at what one of my friends in her obsession with cows did:


Now this is the height of imagination…The colourful cow… bright and shiny… look at how the eyes and the tail colour match… I was told there was a secret relation between the cow’s eyes and tail… The moment the cow closes it eyes.. the tail drops down..(Eowwww!! 😐 )
And did you notice that the cow was actually doing a :P.. with its tongue out..

Now that the cow has been created in one of the imaginative sprees of my friend here..lets extend the imagination and try to visualise what would happen if this crazy cow were to walk into a meadow full of cows.. would the other cows accept it like just any other cow.. or would they walk away and stare at the cow like she was an alien…
From the knowledge I have gathered about cow behaviour (i guess i am expert now that I am writing a second article on cow.. phew! ) — the first time I wrote about cows is here… I guess the cows would NOT accept this colourful and fancy cow among them.. ‘adjustment problem’
In spite of the intrinsic nature of this cow is no different from other cows, and the only difference lies in the vibrant colours that have adorned her, she would automatically become an outcast — a threat to the norm…

Isnt this pretty much how human societies work? Unable to comprehend the differences (esp. if they stand out), we shun all that doesn’t fit our conception of norm… without even trying to understand why these differences arise (in this case some wild imagination), and whether these differences actually change the basic characteristic of the individual….

One can’t blame the cows if they shrug their shoulders (or their tails) and move away not being able to accept the a different cow… for cows are dumb

…but what to speak of humans who do the same?

PS: I would like to extend my special thanks to Z & A for using their imaginative powers to make this cow abnormally colourful….