Democracy ahoy!

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Freedom of expression…

Things that India claims to have and Indians take pride in.

(Image from Greater Kashmir)

Geelani was scheduled to address a press conference in connection with the recent arrest of four of his senior colleagues under Public Safety Act (PSA) and Judicial custody of 13 others.
The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), men of Rashtriya Rifles and Jammu and Kashmir police personnel today cordoned off entire Hyderpora, including the house of Geelani on the Airport road.

But then… I shouldn’t be complaining… Kashmir is not, was never a part of India, so the rules obviously differ. Democracy and freedom of expression are obviously not meant for this part of the world – which India claims to be ‘integral part of India’ and Pakistan claims ‘disputed territory’ and Kashmiris who have no claim to even the basic human rights…

We have a system where people have no right to be heard. And that has been so true for the masses in Kashmir, that somehow we are used to it. If maybe one day we are heard, we might be surprised.

But what surprises me is that even Kashmiris who have an international presence are actually ‘openly’ not given a chance to speak to the press. Yes I am speaking of Geelani’s attempt to speak to the press and the ‘security guards’ who didn’t allow him to speak, and forced the whole entire locality to be suffocated inside their homes.

They call it ‘crackdown’ – down here…
I call it curtailment of basic human rights.

What do you call it?