Enduring Freedom?

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I find the idea of enduring freedom very confusing. Freedom isn’t anything that we ‘endure’ or bear with… it is supposed to be the one thing that we all wish for.

But then.. to think of it.. one would have to endure ‘freedom’ if the freedom is not your’s .. but someone else’s and .. it somehow infringes upon your rights.

Well maybe that’s what Operation Endure Freedom is all about. The Afghans bearing with American freedom to do just about anything….

The US-led coalition – under the banner of Operation Enduring Freedom – is a counter-terrorism mission that involves mainly special forces.[bbc]

4 replies on “Enduring Freedom?”

  1. I suppose you would prefer the Taliban’s version of freedom? Ah, what a life! An AK-47, a little opium, and 31,889,923 Afghan people to dictate life (and much more often, death) to.

  2. I understand that you haven’t been reading news closely. It is a fact that during the Taliban rule, opium crops were systematically destroyed and there was a decrease in related activities.

    And talking of gun – Afghans are a warrior people – gun/ weapons are part of the way they live their life.

    And on top of that, are you under the impression that the US led forces come there with flowers?

    US led coalition and others as such are nothing but neo-colonialism at its peak. You wish to support it, go ahead. But every nation has right to its sovereignty. US led attack on Afghanistan was illegal (and based on evidence that the world never saw). Just b’coz now the world closes its eyes to (just b’coz US is the super-power) doesn’t mean reality has changed a bit.

  3. sakooter: The same is true for Iraq and other parts of the world, albeit more dangerously. And killing civilians can never bring freedom !

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